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FMA- Allegations of Abuse and Sexism

In this, I will be using direct quotes from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga, as well as from the author, Hiromu Arakawa, and, if applicable, quotes form other forms of books and/or media.

I am writing this piece in response to several things: one, the rising number of people who seem to believe that Winry is abusive, and secondly, the debate still ongoing on deviantart over the issue of sexism in FMA. I will also briefly address the hate toward EdWin fans.

I do not aim to hurt anyone's feelings, or to belittle their ideals or preferences for pairings and so on. I love FMA, and I know a lot of those involved here do too. I hope that those who see this will read it with an open mind, and even if you disagree, know that flames will be ignored. I am open to intelligent responses, and please feel free to comment or note me as you please.

- Allegations of Abuse

Very recently, a number of fanfictions have come about claiming that Winry Rockbell is abusive, mainly toward Edward Elric. The reason is because of her wrench.

"Look at how bitchy she's being! Poor Ed is stuck in an abusive cycle with Winry, who continually hits Ed with the wrench and she'll probably give him brain damage!"

The above is the basic idea behind this. However, I would like to put forth the point that comical violence is a big part of anime in general, and most of the time is written more like a metaphor than anything else.

For example, in FMA, Ed gets in a lot of fights. Arakawa is really good at showing these injuries healing over time, like with the scar on Ed's forehead. It kept reopening because he was getting in constant fights with Scar and the Homunculi. However, with Winry's wrench, Ed's bumps and bruises are gone in the next panel. Poof! Magic! Winry hitting Ed with a wrench is there to represent emotion and comic relief, just like how Al's armor will suddenly become cartoonish and have expressions. We know that Al's armor doesn't really have facial expressions, and we laugh when it happens because we know its not to be taken seriously. All of the characters in anime have times where they look deformed (or chibi, as it were), like when Ed and Mustang are arguing about Ed drawing out Scar and Homunculi's attention. Ed's face suddenly looks like that of a freakish cartoon crocodile, with pointed teeth and a triangular face. Now, is Ed's head actually suddenly changing shape? No, of course not. It is a common theme in anime to use distorted figures or extreme actions to bring comic relief into the story. Another example where they are slightly less distorted is when Ed throws Ling and Ran Fan from the hotel room- literally. Are you actually suggesting that Ed picked up both Ling and Ran Fan and threw them ten feet?

To go off on this further, in anime there is often a woman portrayed as the love interest for the hero, and she has moments of being violent. Typically, she is also a childhood friend, or Girl Next Door (GND). As evil_little_dog stated in her own piece against Winry bashing on livejournal:

"A standard trope, at least in '80's anime/manga, was The Giant Hammer. A female character, usually the GND, would pull a giant hammer out of nowhere and smack the male lead with it. He'd get a monstrous knot, whine, and would ignore the reason he got the whack on the head - usually from eyeballing/flirting with another girl than the GND. Lum in Urusei Yatsura had not only a giant hammer, but also could throw lightning bolts. Kaori Makimura, from City Hunter, whacked Ryo Saeba over the head regularly for falling in love with his latest damsel in distress and losing sight of his job. Kei and Yuri, from The Dirty Pair, not only carried horkin' big guns, they destroyed planets. Usually by mistake, mind. It wasn't really their fault. But violent girls are stock and trade in anime and manga, and to say that Winry is particularly violent is like saying the sky is green. Arakawa's style of art and storytelling evokes what I remember loving from the stuff I read (using that term loosely - untranslated manga meant I looked at pictures and guessed what was going on) and watched. Lum and Kaori could take care of themselves. That hammer/lightning bolt was just a prop, as were the knots the Boy Next Door received from those particular items. Not to mention, showed the whole UST going on between the GND and the BND. And Arakawa grew up with this sort of storytelling. I actually applauded her for not using a giant hammer - the wrench, at least, makes sense considering Winry's profession, even if it does appear out of nowhere."

On top of all of that, what about the other characters in FMA? Riza, Izumi, Ran Fan, Olivia, and so on- all are fairly violent, but this level of dislike is aimed only at Winry. As evil_little_dog further stated:

"And if Winry's violent and that's such a horror, where are the reactions about Riza being violent? Is it different because she's a soldier? Despite her shooting at her puppy for peeing on the floor? And there's that casual underlying threat that she'd shoot Roy if he doesn't finish his paperwork that's worked into so many fan stories. There's not a problem with that, is there? What about Izumi? She threw Ed and Al around like they were rag dolls. She left them on an island to starve. They didn't know how to take care of themselves. Sure, they learned, but before Ed and Al figured out what was edible, they were slowly starving to death. That's not abuse?"

Izumi and Riza are well liked characters, and they are far more violent than Winry. They are violent in a way that is real- two seconds later, bruises are still there, bullet holes are still in the wall. However, no one would say that those two women are abusive.

"Just because Winry is cute/pretty doesn't mean you should ignore her abuse toward Ed!"

Winry being cute or pretty has nothing to do with that. If she were actually abusing Ed, her looks would not excuse it in any way. Are you seriously under the belief that everyone around Ed and Al just wink and go 'oh you' as Winry giggles and perpetuates a cycle of abuse? That makes no sense whatsoever.

To also quote my friend Rosie (aka zeowynda): "What really makes my blood boil is this: double standards.

Suppose I write a fanfic where Roy is stressed and abusing his position as Ed's superior officer. He takes advantage of him somehow and Ed feels shocked and confused. He goes home to Resembool where he talks things out with Winry and she makes it all better because she loves him and cares for him.

You can bet that I'd get tons of flamers over that because Roy is out of character and has been turned into the "bad guy".

But for some reason, grossly exaggerating a characteristic of Winry's thus making her out of character and turning HER into the villain is fine.

You can argue all you want that "it's an AU fic, so it's okay". But that doesn't change the fact that abusing the woman's character is considered acceptable moreso than the male's."

Furthermore, there are two big facts that stand in the way of the idea of Winry being abusive, and they are:

One, Ed and Al love Winry. They love her. You can argue for hours on end if the love her romantically or not, but the fact remains that they do. She is their closest friend; she has been there with them through their most difficult days, and in the end she is there to (in Ed's case literally) build them back up again. They know her better than anyone else does, and if she was honestly abusing Ed, (and Al for that matter) do you really think they would love her the way they do? When she is taken as a hostage they are terrified for her. When she is hurting because of Scar they hate that she is crying while they cannot help. When she comes up with the plan to get out of the military's clutches they cannot bear the idea of her putting herself in such danger. They love her, and both boys are self aware enough to get away from people that treat them badly. They are not, as fanfictions often portray them, completely broken little boys desperate for any affection. A part of them is still hurting, sure, but wounds like what they have suffered don't ever fully heal. As they go on their journey, they learn the value of their own lives. As Al screams at Ed after Ed was willing to let Scar kill him:

"How could you do something so stupid as choosing to die when you could keep living!? You might find a way to restore our bodies if you survive and learn more about alchemy! And you might even find a way to save poor girls like Nina! How could you toss all those possibilities away and pick death?!"

These words do not show boys trapped in endless misery, unable to even get out of an abusive situation. Ed and Al are strong, and are very set in their morals, and know themselves and their worth. As such, they would not take abuse of any kind.

Secondly, does it really make sense that if Winry was abusing Ed in any way that Al or Pinako would stand for it? Pinako loves the boys like they were her own, and the whole series focuses on how much Ed and Al care for each other. Is it that Al is being blinded by Winry's cuteness? Because a pretty face will stop Alphonse Elric, who loves his brother so much, from protecting said brother. Right. Pinako and Al would not stand by and watch if Ed was being hurt by anyone. They would step in immediately. And that's the truth.

-Sexism in FullMetal Alchemist

Note: I will be responding specifically to NaokoElric's rant, as well as another person she quoted in her comments. Once again, my words are not meant to offend in the least.

"The first thing I just cannot understand about Arakawa-sensei is, being a woman, why did she make the main protagonists (Edward and Alphonse Elric) male and the main supporting character (Winry Rockbell) female. Due to this, we had the typical: "Male(s) go/goes on adventures to reach a goal, while the female best friend/love interest, oblivious as to what is happening, waits at home" trope! I know Winry travelled with the Elrics every now and then and learned some things, but it is still just annoying that Arakawa-sensei used such an over-used plot device!
She should have made the made the main protagonists a pair of sisters and Winry a boy and have the rarely seen story where "Female(s) go(es) on adventures to reach a goal, while the male best friend/love interest, oblivious as to what is happening, waits at home."
How many series have a pair of sisters as the main protagonists, rather than a pair of brothers? Fem!Edward (Edwina) would have been a short, tomboy with a flat-chest but was also loving towards her younger sister, and Fem!Alphonse (Alphonsa/Alice), your sweet, cute, feminine girl, with a rarely seen tough, badass side (which would make her femininity acceptable)."

Okay, to start off as my friend Dearheart said in her own response, this is a shonen manga, most of the main characters in that particular genre are male. And while a story about a pair of sisters would also have been interesting, just because the main characters aren't female doesn't mean the work is sexist. Look at Harry Potter- the main character is male, but there are a ton of powerful female characters, and in the end it is only thanks to a female (Harry's mom Lily) that Harry lives in the first place. Speaking as a writer, often you don't' sit down and think 'hmm, is this character going to be a boy or a girl?' The character simply is. Because we think of them as a boy or as a girl immediately, not because we think stories with boys will be more popular, or because we are sexist. I've seen books with female main characters that are full of sexist ideals, like Twilight. The gender of the main characters does not determine if a book is sexist, it is down to how the characters are portrayed. You may argue that because Winry is not constantly with Ed and Al that this does portray sexism, but it simply isn't so.

As defined in the dictionary, sexist means: discrimination on the basis of sex (usually said of men's attitude toward women).

Winry staying at home does not mean the author is portraying sexist ideas. Merely because she serves as something for the boys to come home to does not mean that she is thought to be less then men. You can compare it to real world examples of wives or families waiting for people to come home from war- are those families being weak too? Are they portraying bad ideals? No, of course not. They are doing two things: going on with their daily lives as best as they can when those they love are in danger, and two, giving said love one hope in the knowledge that his/her family is there waiting for him/her. Winry waits for them, yes, but she does not spend every waking second looking out the window and sighing, far from it. She builds automail, and not just for Ed. She works hard doing what she honestly loves, and on top of that she's one of the best automail engineers there is. So how is her staying at her house, doing what she loves, and being there for Ed and Al when they come home sexist?

To quote Sarah Dessen's book 'Along For the Ride':

"Maybe it was true, and being a girl could be about interest rates and skinny jeans, riding bikes and wearing pink. Not any one thing, but everything."

Also, the last line of that paragraph honestly made me mad. Why in the world is it that only in that particular situation would femininity be acceptable? Why is femininity in itself bad, exactly?

You said yourself that Winry traveled with them and learned, so clearly she didn't spend all her time waiting for them; in fact, after she starts living in Rush Valley, she is quite busy herself, and she lives her own life.

"Winry could have been a cool character, but instead she was made a ditzy cry-baby, who 'cries for those who will not cry for themselves, such as Edward and Alphonse', which is just pathetic. She wore far too revealing clothes (tube tops/midriff-bearing tops and mini skirts) as well.
She was also reduced to a hostage to keep Edward doing as the military says. I know she came up that plan to get herself out of that hostage situation, but does little to counteract what a sexist character she is."

Firstly, another definition, just so we are all on the same page. 'Ditzy' is flighty or easily confused; mildly or harmlessly eccentric.

However, people tend to use the word ditzy as synonymous with stupid or air headed, so I will also counter that definition.

Also, you are free to not like such situations, as everyone has different preferences. All I aim to do here is show how such a situation isn't inherently sexist.

Winry isn't flighty. She gets excited, she gets angry, but she isn't flighty. And she isn't easily confused either. In fact, despite all of the crazy things going on around her, she copes well with the idea of homunculi and so on. She doesn't simply say 'huh?' or freak out. Instead, she basically said "okay" and tried to help however she could.

Winry clearly isn't stupid; her profession would not allow that. She also isn't air-headed: she gets excited about what she loves, but she also focuses on important issues and is often serious.

Yes, Winry cries. She cries a lot, Arakawa says so herself. However, there is again a difference between crying a lot, and being a crybaby. Crying is like shouting or ranting- its just a release of emotion. It doesn't make you weak, it just means that that is how you express emotion. Being a crybaby means you cry over everything, that when you cry you just sit down, sob, don't move forward. The kind of person who would cry over spilled milk as it were. (In this case, as Ed would have most likely spilled said milk, Winry would most likely scold him or laugh) Yes, Winry cries. She cries when a friend dies, when she is suddenly confronted with the man that murdered her parents, when she is a child, when she remembers the horror surrounding Trisha Elric's death, and Ed and Al's failed human transmutation. She cries in happiness when the boys she loves return home, safe and sound. Yes, she cries, but it does not stop her from functioning. It does not stop her from trying. She does not cry when she breaks a dish, or when her bed isn't made. She cries when she is dealing with serious emotional upheaval, and how exactly is that wrong? I cry, and I know that I am not weak. I cry when those I love are in pain, even if they do not cry, because I love them and it is what comes naturally to me. Crying for those you love isn't pathetic, it is an action rooted in the fact that you love them. Crying, or not crying, doesn't make you either weak or strong. Rather, it just means that you deal with emotion differently.

And yes, she wears skirts. Oh, the horror! She wears skirts, she wears tube tops, but what makes it too revealing? Her underwear is not flashing for everyone to see. Her tube top is usually kept covered by her work suit (and later the tube top gets scrapped for the zippered top) and everything private is covered. She wasn't walking around in a bikini all the time. She didn't go flashing her boobs to everyone. She wore what was comfortable, and what was easy to work in. I happen to find skirts (long and short) very comfortable; sometimes pants or even shorts can be really constricting as far as movement goes.

"She was also reduced to a hostage to keep Edward doing as the military says. I know she came up that plan to get herself out of that hostage situation, but does little to counteract what a sexist character she is."

She was used as a hostage because Ed and Al care about her so much- as a trump card, the thing played to ensure victory. Had Maes Hughes still been alive at this point, I'm sure he would have been a hostage for Roy along with Riza, Havoc, Falman, Breda, and Fuery. It has nothing to do with her being a girl, just that she is very important to Ed and Al. And…why does the fact that she puts herself in danger and comes up with the idea that gets her free not counteract the so called sexism? It is a clear stance of power. Sure, she's not beating anyone up, but she came up with an idea that no one else there (including the many men) did. It was highly important to the events that followed; as a result, Ed was able to move freely.

"She also gets her soul stolen due to the activation of the National Transmutation Circle and had to be saved. I know she was not the only one, but still Winry had to a part of that did she not? She had be one of those who needed saving, even all the other important characters were not? She had be one of those who needed saving, even all the other important characters were not? She had be one of those who needed saving, even all the other important characters were not?"

Well, of course she had to be a part of it. The entire country was! And actually, she wasn't the only important character that was involved in it: Olivia Armstrong and her brother, two very important characters, were also. Along with, of course, Gracia and Elysia Hughes, who, though not main characters, are still important. And also Mustang's subordinates were caught up in it too- Winry was not the only important character. She was emphasized so because, once again, of her importance as a character. Ed and Al love her, and so do many readers. Seeing her like that would really cut a lot of people to the core, and would have immense shock value. If she had some weird ability to avoid the effects of the mass transmutation, it would have made no sense to the plot, and would have vaulted Winry into Mary-Su-dom.

"She does very feminine, stereotypical things such as the laundry and baking. I mean in chapter 84, Edward tells her to bake him as apple pie and keep it warm for him and she agrees! I mean, in reality, Edward was saying, as AveriaAlexandros puts, "Get back in the kitchen and make an apple pie for me" and Winry was responding, "Of course, I'll do something stereotypical for a girl as you're my man and must tell me what to do"."

If you bake you are putting feminism back years! Guess I better stop making cookies even though they are so delicious…*gazes off into the distance, imagining cookies* And laundry is sorta essential if you want clean clothes. Would it have been better somehow if Pinako, another woman, had done the laundry? Or perhaps they could have trained Den to do it. As Dearheart said:

"To me, Winry is proof that you don't have to be a gun-toting, karate-fighting, power-flaunting tough girl to be awesome in your own way."


"Let's not forget about that scene where Winry first met Scar, learns he killed her parents. Instead of being strong and confronting him in a brave manner, she started bloody crying, sunk to her knees, looking pathetic and weak, despite the fact that she picked up a gun and contemplated shooting him!
To make this is even worse, it was the boy (Edward) that had to jump in front of the girl (Winry) and protect her. The boy had to get the girl to put the gun down. The boy who had to comfort the girl while she cried her little heart out like a baby! The girl had to be left in the protection of the Military, as if she could not protect herself!
How you could have wrote and drawn this, Arakawa-sensei? How could you make our own gender look so pathetic?"

I still don't understand why crying is so bad exactly. She was filled with despair and fury, and the emotions overflowed. Now, in one moment, she learns the truth as her friends stand fighting for their lives. She picks up a gun, even though shooting someone goes against what she believes in. So she cries, and she desperately wants to shoot him, while at the same time she can't make herself do it.

I would also like to point out that Ed, the male protagonist, also does not shoot anyone in the series. In fact, he has a 'resolve to not kill'.

Why is crying pathetic and weak? How is it any different from shouting or screaming or storming off?

And of course Ed jumps in front of her- he loves her. You can argue if its romantic or not all you like, but he does love her. And because she is in danger he jumped in front of her. It is just like Al saving Ed and vice versa a million times over in the series. If you want examples of women saving men in the series, here are a few:

Riza saving Roy from Scar.

Izumi moving Roy aside when he'd been blinded, and could not see what was coming.

Riza saving Havoc's life when they are fighting Barry the Chopper's body.

Ran Fan saving Ed and Ling by arriving with her awesomeness during the fight with Pride in the outskirts of Central City.

Mei saving Scar from Ed and Al's attack.

And I know that there are more.

Lastly, well, duh, Ed left her with the military. What else could he do? She was upset, but he could not afford to stay with her because Al needed him. He wasn't exactly going to take her with him (he would not ever want her in danger like that) so he did what he could to ensure that she wouldn't be left alone, so that she could be taken somewhere with water and comfortable chairs. It's the military's job to protect people, and so that is what Ed has them do.

"I would have liked Winry more if the above things were different, I think Winry should have been male, yet still have been in the same situation, and go though same things in the manga I had issues with, as, with Winry being male, it would no longer be sexist to us women. Male!Winry (Winter) would have been your typical manly mechanic, who has a soft, emotional side to him."

Why, exactly, would changing the gender fix everything? If Winry were a male, 'Winter' would still be crying, still be waiting at home. So everything is magically okay when the gender is changed? He would also probably do laundry, and bake. These traits alone do not make someone a stereotype. I would also like to point out that you called 'Winter' a "typical manly mechanic"- isn't that stereotyping? Not all men are particularly manly- some love Disney movies and cry often.

Now to move on to her part on Roy and Riza.

"Firstly, why did Arakawa-sensei make the woman the subordinate, and the man the powerful State Alchemist (well expect that he is useless in the rain) and Superior Officer/Boss? Furthermore, even though she is a tough gunslinger, Riza was turned into a bit of a Damsel in Distress as The Führer made her, like Winry to Edward, a hostage to keep Roy in check. She was also twice made into a complete Damsel in Distress when she was attacked by Gluttony, and later, when her throat was slit. She was saved on both occasions, despite her skills, the first time (the Gluttony one) by men!"

They are both very powerful, just in different ways. Riza is not his only subordinate, most of them are in fact men. And, Olivia Armstrong, a Maj. General, outranks Mustang. The ranking has little to do with it. In fact, if you want to get symbolic, remember the chess pieces Mustang refers to his group as? Riza is the Queen. The most powerful piece on the board, while Roy himself is the King, who in comparison is much weaker.

Riza, along with all of Mustang's other subordinates, was used as a hostage because Roy cares about her, and them. As I said before, if Hughes had been alive he would probably have ended up as a hostage too. And yes she was saved; so what? Her life was in danger, and it was more than any one person could handle. Even when Roy interfered with Gluttony, he didn't kill the homunculus. When Roy was blinded he was way vulnerable as well. And who made sure that he stayed alive? Who helped him to fight again? Riza.

"Then there is Riza crying when she thought Roy was dead. I mean do we ever get a scene where the man is crying and screaming because he thinks the woman he loves is dead? Even if there is a scene like that, the man does not cry most of the tine. Another example of Arakawa-sensei's self-sexism."

Ahem. Roy freaks out when Riza's throat is cut. Ling freaks out when Ran Fan is hurt by Bradley. Hohenheim openly cries many times when remembering Trisha. Ed and Al cry when their mom dies. And, as Dearheart said, generally men cry less than women. It's a biological thing. Our hormones make us more likely to cry (and go batshit a few days every month at that).

As this is getting long, I think I will split the rest. Please comment, and enjoy.
My own response to two things: one, the recent surge of people claiming Winry is abusive, and two, the debate brought up with NaokoElric claiming that FMA is Sexist.

As I said at the start of this, this is not intended to offend anyone. Rather, I am merely trying to argue against some points I disagree with. Feel free to say I am wrong, and respond intelligently. Flames will be ignored.

Here is the link to the Sexism rant:[link]

And here is Dearheart's wonderful response:[link]

FMA belongs to Hiromu Arakawa, and all quotes to their respective owners.
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Kingriver Featured By Owner Edited Jul 31, 2017
The comedy violence is still completely one sided Female on Male. Even more so than most Anime. The message ends up being: Violence/abuse is funny if it's Female on Male. 
Krooked-Glasses Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I dislike Winry for other reasons, really. I understand her violence is comical ( though it's the type that is overly done and I'm kinda tired of it. Unless we get into Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan...) She's not a bad character, not at all. I think the only time I had a very big problem with her and it kind of affected me for a long while would be when Edward saved her from being KILLED by Chopper Barry and her thank you to him was having him buy her things. I thought that was entirely backwards. Then again, we could count this out because it's the anime, and not the officially made works of the creator herself. Really, it's her personality I'm not very fond of. But just because she doesn't meet my preferences does not make her a bad character whatsoever. And if she was male, my opinion would not change. Just isn't my kind of character.
I liked Izumi and Riza the most, honestly. And Sheska was fucking adorable. :heart:
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
I'm not a big fan of the 2003 anime, or its treatment/portrayal of Winy as a whole. While I love both versions, the Brotherhood/manga version is more awesome.
Krooked-Glasses Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Ah. I really loved the first anime, I felt that out of all the manga to get an anime adaption FMA was one of the luckiest. The anime had to come up with a story and ending all on it's own separate from the manga and I think they did an incredible and original job with it. I was very pleased. It didn't feel like a bad slap in the face, or super off or anything. I haven't been able to keep up with the manga or new anime. It's been years.
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner May 12, 2013
I don't hate the 2004 anime, and there's some things it does very well. Truthfully I used to love it, and it was my introduction to the series. However, when looking online I read that both Winry and Riza Hawkeye played a bigger part in the story in the manga. I sat down and started reading, and was instantly hooked. There's a lot of great plot twists and the things that bothered me in the 2003 version (certain things with Rose, the ending, and the treatment of Winry) were completely different. I'd definitely recommend giving either a shot if you haven't read/seen all of it. :)
FeatherSan Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Thank you so much for saying everything I thought and even more! Much more! Gosh, I also had a rant with Naoko on another subject... I think I never faced someone with such lack of empathy for other human beings and lack of understanding that people are different and that her set of rules and morals for each gender aren't the "best rules to follow".
I feel my heart lighter :heart:
BillyTheEchidna Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
oh shit dog my bad wrong person i thought this was NaokoElric2250
BillyTheEchidna Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
PoolofFadedMemories Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2012   Writer
Might I say that this is one of the most thought out, truthful arguments I have ever read? You really worked hard on this, I can tell. I think that if readers paid more attention to the details instead of just blindly accusing characters of something or making up pairings that do not have any evidence to back them up, FMA would not bring out so much controversy among its fans. Here you just stated the truth, and you did a wonderful job :clap:
I definetly plan on checking out your gallery and watching you, keep up the awesome work :thumbsup: :)
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2012
Oh, thank you so much. I did work on this rather hard. I think because people love the series and are so passionate about it, a lot of controversy comes out as a result, unfounded or not.

Oh, and thanks! Glad to have you watching. :D
PoolofFadedMemories Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012   Writer
You are so very welcome! ^^ I whole heartedly agree with you, I am glad that you took the time to write this.

:) My pleasure!
taranova Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yo. I wrote a response to this in case you care. XD I'm not really picking a fight or anything. Just offering my two cents.
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
Replied there! :D
taranova Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you. ^_^
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
No problem. :) I totally didn't know you had a deviantart account. Must friend! :D Er, watch, I guess.
taranova Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Alrighty! Watching you right back. :D
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
Wooohoo! :D
Lacroa Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I agree with this article even though I don't EdWin (mostly an AlWin really)

I think what makes me hate EdWin the most is that Winry's comic relief moments reminds me a lot of Love Hina's main heroine beating the crap out of the protagonist far too often when they see each other. In Winry's case, I just get very annoyed fast at it and the way she talks about the automail first then Edward's situation later at some cases is facepalm worthy on my end.

Otherwise, it's obvious the 3 care for each other and that it's comic relief, albeit a lot annoying as Love Hina's but nonetheless :)
1000yearseternalmaze Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2011
Actually, anime in general is full with violence.Winry is not at all the only girl, who is hitting boys.There are more. Have you forgotten Sakura and Tsunade from Naruto and the way they are treating Naruto and Jiraiya, quite often I would say?Or in Midori no Hibi, the main character`s big sister, who was with a violent manners as well.
But still I feel some sympathy to Winry, while Sakura annoys the hell out of me.:(
flower-in-the-light Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
Very true. Look at Kagome from Inuyasha- every other scene, especially in the anime, is her slamming Inuyasha into the ground. While it is rather like Winry's wrench gag, I think it was overused. :P
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
whoops. I'm really distracted. XDD I didn't make the deviants' icons correctly, didn't notice it 'cause my preview button won't work! FAAAIL. :XD:
message meant for :iconnaokoelric2250:
and the lovely :iconzeowynda: was mentioned.

*punches computer for not showing the "preview" of the texts*
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
also, please disregard typos. I'm on drugs for backpains and so I'm a little... tipsy? 8D
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
again... to :NaokoElric2250: :
Oh? It's me who has it completely wrong? Excuse me. First of all it's not a matter of being ALLOWED or NOT being allowed to write anything. As long as it is not insulting or racist, people write whatever the hell they want.
And expecting someone to do something...haven't you used that argument before? Oh yes, but to back up the fact that you believe FMA to be feminist. Right.
Something along the lines of "people expecting women to stay at home and bake and yadda yadda". Right.

Moving on... because that thing about "women being expected to write this and men being expected to write that" is actually a sexist remark.

Well, I don't really recall anyone else aside from you and another person whom I don't recall. I "picked" on you because you have been RUDE before, to other people, and you have done as Cerulean said: backbite, bully, and gossip about others. That's neither mature nor correct of you.

LOL. Sorry, I giggled a little there... ^^; You usually don't seem like you're trying to understand anything. I've actually agreed with some of your points, granted, but I still highly disagree with others. I can't accept them. It's part of being different and thinking differently. But when you met someone who thought different of you, you crossed the line of a casual, rational conversation, actually LAUGHING at their faces and opinions. Rude much? I believe so.

You were insulted because you insulted first. NOT the best method I agree, but one gets what one deserves. (errr, usually)

As for laughing at other people's ideas, like I said, I think it was you who originally did that. Though I can't possibly speak for EVERYONE who participated in this... this... "debate", of sorts.

"I am not childish, no-where near it. I do not take tantrums, I do not think screaming and crying will get me what I want, and I do not act like a child. Lastly, do not call me a child, I am seventeen and stopped being called at child at about thirteen."
Agreed, you're not a child. You can perfectly think for your own. You're legally at the age of criminal responsability, and not that much younger than me (I'm 21).
But you can have childish reactions. Maybe I should have phrased myself better... ^^;
Besides, children DO cry to get what they want. Some adults do that too (men and women alike!). But normal people CRY because their emotions run deep, and it's no sin to have emotions. I recall I called you "socially void" or something of the sorts. Or socially unfit, or whatever. That's because you shamelessly insulted women who cry often, picturing them as weaklings, worthless people who can't do anything by themselves.

WHO the heck is being sexist here, after all? Methinks 'tis you...

Hmm. You're the one covering up a lot of things here: just to mention one thing, the examples someone gave you of men being saved by female characters. You ruled those out as "unimportant" and "sporadic" or whatever, so basically you only accept "afcts" that you see will fit your POV. Not very coherent sometimes.

And yes, "over-thinking" is the right expression, at least here in Portugal it means what I want to say. It means you look into things so "deeply" that you end up only focusing on the points you want.
I can understand some, but not all of them. In fact, I think you sometimes take perfectly normal things and twist them up into being an "attack to the female gender"...but here ya go, it's the strong difference of opinions and points of view.

Wanna know why they might be rudely-stated? Because with some people you didn't bother being nice to. So, there. You flame/bully, other people will do the same.
And sorry to disagree, but you have most certainly NOT been polite all the time. You've been quite rude yourself before.

Look, I have tried to read into things that you have said. Some I can agree with, some I can't. I can't accept, for example, many of the things you said about Winry and, for example, HOUSEWIVES because to me, it is just not right. I can agree with some things but I must disagree with others. I don't think baking and crying is sexist. I don't think wearing make-up is sexist.

Sexist is regarding women as inferior beings. It's NEGATIVE discrimination. You sometimes take POSITIVE discrimination and see it as sexist, which I cannot agree with. Most importantly, you take certain female traits as being weak or indicators of a sexist mentality. I mean, what the heck?

I've explained it before and I'll explain it again:
Women get pregnant. We carry babies, we bring humans into the world. Usually it takes time to recover from childbirth, and usually it's the women who need the time to recover their bodies and their MINDS. Pregnancy and childbirth have a very heavy psychological weight, especially over women, and that can be a positive or negative thing. From ancestral times, it's women who've had the most patience, the most care, for love. USUALLY we are more dedicated to children than men.
That's why usually it's women who stay at home, being housewives. Some don't have ANY OTHER OPTION, and some do it by choice. Sure, they SHOULD be more ambitious, or rather, they COULD, but who the hell do you think you are criticizing them? Who the hell are you to speak about other people's life choices? Tagging them as being weak, or submissive and whatnot?

I personally don't think women should stick to the house (I'm not the kind of person who can sit around, do nothing, and I HATE IT when men mistreat women in any way. For example, I hate it when there's income differences between a man and a woman. Makes me wanna hurt someone). But I can't criticize people in general, whose life I know nothing of, who's history and past I don't know.

It's very rude of you to assume things the way you do. You actually insult people that way.

For example, :zeowynda: will be naturally pissed at you for saying what you have said about prosthetics. I myself am a little shocked at your comments.
Look, if a woman has breast cancer and needs to lose them both, do you think it's "superficial" of her to want to put on silicon?
What about someone who loses a limb, like a hand or a leg?
What about someone born with a facial deformity that can be easily corrected? Or someone attacked by a bear, who's had his/her face half scratched off?
I suppose (and I hope) that you have no idea of the psychological stress it is to be different. Handicapped and mentally challenged people were, in more primitive times, treated as monsters, evil spirits, reeincarnations of demons, sometimes not allowed to live inside the houses or eat at the table.
Is it a crime (well, not a crime, but will you see it as futile?) for someone to want to look and FEEL normal again? Would you handle someone's stare at your deformed face, or lack of nose, if you had that sort of facial problem?
I won't even mention being limbless - having to "walk" around feeling incomplete, sensing everyone's eyes pause on you when they see you're not like them.
You should try to be sympathetic and not start saying things like, "oh people with no limbs should try to accept themselves and love them the way they are". That's not... you have no idea what you're saying there. Plus, you're being insensitive.
Once again.

And this isn't about a fictional series. This is actually something serious. You might not laugh at someone who is deforemed or handicapped, but you regard their desire to look more normal, their desire to feel better about themselves, as something superficial. That's so wrong.

"she is a ditz (look at her overreactions to seeing automail). She is obsessed in such boring thing, instead of something interesting and intelligent like alchemy, or history, or science or investigating."
Erm. Prosthetics is a field of medicine. Kind of medicine mixed with mechanics, which is kind of badass in case you don't realize it. Well, I guess you're intitled to your opinion, but orthopedics is actually an incredibly cool field of medicine :)
(Now for some silly time: go watch Torres in Grey's Anatomy, she's "le badasse", lol).
Nowadays, medicine is not just about saving people's lives. It's also about making them as comfortable as possible, as the concept of "survival" has already been surpassed in the most "evolved" countries. We're here to LIVE, not just SURVIVE. So don't go disregarding something as cool and as inspiring as wanting to help someone feel whole again, 'cause that only makes you look like a terrible person.

"I know they help, but sometimes they are just there for show. I see the uses of them, such as to help people with no legs walk again, but if it is arms, then I have heard they can be control by nerve impulses, but most of the time, it is just to look ‘normal’. They should not hide something they cannot change, and which they had no control over the loss of."
That's just HORRIBLE. D:
Of course people want to be normal, people want to do NORMAL things and don't want others to tag them as being "freaks". Honestly... >:/
Life quality which YOU take for granted because you have no such problem. Other people might feel uneasy about changcing so drastically, and besides there's social pressure on them sometimes. Though I don't suppose I should expect you to understand that, for some reason.

HEY, I GET EXCITED WHEN I SEE JEWELRY I LIKE. I can't help it. Well, I don't react like this, but...if you want to see sexism, here ya go:
[link] :XD:
(some of the most sexist commercials ever are beer commercials... -.-; )

"Saca uma atrás da outra. Super Bock Mini, a única com abertura fácil. Experimenta"
Meaning, "pull one after the other. Easy to open!" as if they're saying women are EASY and quick to get to... now this is terrible. I can't find this one funny. -.-;

Obviously you can't grasp the concepts of sarcasm and/or irony. -.-;
(about me needing glasses...I'm about as blind as a bat, mind you. I need glasses for EVERYTHING. XD)
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I was going to say, Winry being a mechanic does not make her 'badass' and her is why:

"Also, Winry-supporters sometimes argue that Winry in particular is a progressive character merely for the fact that she does not fit a "healer" archetype unlike many of her fellow shonen heroines from other popular series (such as, say, Sakura or Orihime from "Naruto" and "Bleach", respectively). I disagree with this venomously. Winry's up there with the rest of them - it's just that, for this particular canon, automail takes the place of flesh and thus healing automail is equivalent to healing flesh. Some people see her mechanical skills and say, wow, that deconstructs gender somehow! - and it would, if Winry lived in the modern-day era on our side of the gate where she'd have to fix cars and machinery for a living. However, that's not the case, and in her universe, her skills exist to serve her male counterpart."

I can not like her all I like, and so can the others. I do not hate her, I just have issues with her. Besides Arakawa-sensei will not care, and neighter with Winry as she is a fictional charaactr!
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
oh, oh, and I forgot to say this.
Of course you can like/unlike her as much as you want to! Every character can have its flaws that some people might not like so much. :)

I myself am not "attacking" you for a character's sake. That's just... erm... :icondohplz: silly. It's more like your point of view on certain things (or the way you sometimes express it) that I heatedly disagree upon. And sometimes when I'm ranting and trying to counter arguments, I act terribly childish. ^^;

I also think that not EVERYONE will attack you FOR Winry. Just for some traits about her that one can relate to. For example, I remember you said something about people who cry being weaklings, crybabies, etc. I've addressed this before. It wasn't about you saying SHE'S a crybaby herself, it's just that conecting some emotions to negative adjectives is NOT nice for a person who might have those same traits. Know what I mean? So you'll be offending people when you say certain things in some ways, when you generalize...
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
ah, and thanks for unblocking me. ^^; it was getting kind of old, having to reply on the general thread "addressed to person X" :XD:
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
That was precisely why. I have forgotten why I blocked you in the first place. Sorry. And I mean that.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
I think I might have been a little bit aggressive once or twice in my remarks... something like calling you emotionless...? ^^;
But mostly I think you blocked anyone who commented in your deviantion (your rant about sexism) because of some people who, instead of arguing/discussing, just insulted. I mean, biting your head off a little bit for being kinda rude in some remarks is one thing, but diving immediatly into an insult isn't the way to go either.

Unless it's a troll and he/she really deserves it. :la:
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I also forgot to say...oh damn what was that which I was going to say? Arh, I hate it when this happens (damn my memory). Ok I will tell you when I remember it.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
..... -.-;

I hate it when I forget to write something. asdasdasdfghjsk >.<
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I remember it now. I quite liked Dearheart's (did I spell that right?) response as even though it disagreed, it was fairly and nicely put.
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NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well yes, I thnk that is it. I dis not hide/block everyone, as some, even though they disagreed, still said in a nice way. I mean, look at this: [link] and read the comments. they are just...immature.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
some comments are terribly immature, yes. Some aren't, and are actually quite constructive points of view, as some of yours are also. :) (i mean, we don't all have to make sense to others, right??)

Making fun or gossiping on someone's back is something we ALL do. Mostly out of provocation :p I do it too sometimes, but oh well, it's only normal and it's always good to tell the person you KNOW he/she badmouthed you. :XD:

But I mean... just what will you do about it? People don't like the way you phrase things and will either:
1) try to respond nicely, yet still countering
2) be a little rash and flame a tiny bit
3) get pissed off and bite your head off
4) get pissed off and bite your head off in the most childish way
5) insult
6) troll
(five and six are a match for last place -.-; )

I think any person can be a bitch; especially because some rude comments are actually from some deviants I "know" and whom I always regarded as being calm. :p

But you see, it's not just you stating your POV, it's the WAY you do it that will mostly offend people and spark those reactions. (at least I think so).
Or, you know, that feeling of, "ooooooooooohhhh that is NOT right and does NOT make sense in my mind no matter HOW I look at it, and so it makes me a bit angry! hence I type angryyyyyyyyy" *rants and types*

I myself don't go for insulting people but then again, sometimes irony and sarcasm can be just as unpleasant as, "your opinion sucks dude".
(or, I can be an idiot when I want to, I'm not perfect or anything XD)

But, you know, I have a different way of seeing sexism (NOT just a different definition). A way that, in my mind, is the correct one. No matter how subtle the difference is, the practical result is that when confronted with practical situations you and I will shout,

get my point, right? :p

Though we shouldn't get SO wrapped up in this but that's what we end up doing...sometimes not in the best way. ^^;

I called you a child before. I did not phrase myself correctly. Because you know what? ALL of us can be so frickin' childish. A sixty-year old man can be childish, let alone teenage/young adult females. -.-;

so.... [link]
people can be such :icontrollfaceplz:s sometimes. :D all of us.
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hmmm...that is a good way to put it. Another one of my friends said this: "Stick and Stones may break my bones...but idiots on the internet to it to themselves."

I think, we have all trolled/flamed on this World Wide Web at some point in our lives. Whether it be out of anger, or annoying or hate, we havea ll done it.

I do try to learn from my mistakes, but with some things (such as a few comments being screen-capped) I cannot get rid of some stuff. I try my best not to flame (about a year ago, I was a no-bodies on her) and now I am infamous among the FMA fans. I am not huge, nor do I want to be, I was simply stating my opinion without thinking, and I think now, I will try harder to bite my tongue (well, hold my typing XD).

I never actually got what derp meant. What does it mean? I hare Robert Patterson, I really do not se why the stupid, retarded “Twilight” fan girls find him to be "OMG, SO HOOOOOOT!" I HATE the books, I HATE the film, and I am sick of them going “It is like the best books EVER! Edward is hot! Bella is cool! Stephanie Meyer is awesome!”. She will NOT be the next J.K. Rowling.
I have heard of real horror stories involving the Twilight fan girls of America. Are they actually true? I should stop before I go into another rant.
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Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
About Arakawa and Winry not caring: you're right, they won't give a rat's ass about what we think or argue about. XD this discussion isn't FOR them anyway. It's just... something about points of view that flew waaay too much off the handle.

I mean, discussing Elricest and having people bitch at each other is kind of understandable, but this...meh... we've all made little fools out of ourselves but we can't really go back on stuff we said either.
And even if we do, temptation to prove our point is always there! ^^;

Um... "healer archetype"? :o
I don't know what's the problem with being a healer, but okay. ^^;
Just by making that comparison "automail = flesh" doesn't mean that automail IS NOT MECHANICS STUFF. Hence, not the type of things girls tend to like. But that's not the point - I'm a girl gamer (oh yeah baby) and I still like to act girly now and then, it doesn't mean anyhting to me. :p Though to counter your arguments, it's a valid point. It's one of the "ungirly" things Winry does.
Ed himself always teased her about being "not sexy" because she was always a bit of a tomboy and liked playing with boys. :)
(of course now he'll take it back because she's all cute and curvylicious -.-; )

Besides, automail does NOT equal flesh - it is used to replace lost limbs. So you don't HEAL automail, you FIX it, because it envolves mechanics. Being used AS limbs doesn't change the fact that it is all about mechanics (or technically, partially mechanics, partially anatomy/medicine).
Just the fact that it's much more noble to restore someone with a piece of metal rather than repairing a car with a piece of metal shouldn't make her weak at all, or less badass, and doesn't also take away the fact that she's a female working with mechanical stuff most girls won't go near of.
Why not just follow regular medicine? She doesn't just IMPLANT the things on the limbs (or what's left of them), she builds those pieces of technology - in ways even her grandmother, with years of experience, can't.
She learns things, complex and fantastic ones, about several metal types, different connections, nerve endings...aside from extense (and growing) knowledge of elements (the ones she needs to use) and mechanics, she also knows a lot about the human anatomy - hence, hardcore, surgical medicine!

She wouldn't be half as cool if she were a regular mechanic.
She can probably hit regular mechanics with her hands tied behind her back.
"A surgeon and a mechanic are a lot alike. Take a heart surgeon, for example...Now picture trying to fix a car's engine through the exhaust pipe."

Now I'm thinking about Torres again...(again! Oh Lord, I've been watching way too much GA lately) She's in orthopedics. Don't tell me that what she does to break bones and rejoin hips (usually envolving strength and skill and bringing pain to her patients) isn't badass. ;)

And besides, it's not just for her male counterpart, it's also for other people's sake and because she loves it.
Sure, she might have put extra effort because she wanted to help her friend live as normally as possible. She wanted to help her friends in their quest, so she worked even harder. She wasn't just working her butt off for her own sake and (strange) love for automail, she also wanted to help the brothers. Her friends. One of them being her patient. They were like... 12? And she already loved automail before that.

That's called "altruísmo" here and it's a beautiful thing. Being altruistic/selfishless (weird word!) should be considered a quality, not a sexist trait imprinted by the author. :)

So yeah, FRIENDS. Girls and guys can have platonic relationships, girls and guys can be friends, we don't have to be falling in love all the damn time...
especially not at the tender age of 11 or 12. -.-;

She just happened to fall in love with him later on... (And don't throw the "typical cliché" on me, please. I don't even want to get NEAR that argument again. -.-; )
But before she realised she loved/liked him in a more romantic fashion, she did it (build his automail with dedication) for friendhip's sake.
She'd do it for any other close friend, had she any.

She helped them out with what she could do best. But she didn't live her life just for THEIR sake. -.-;
She didn't continuously tag along because she had better things to do.
For her to improve in mechanics, the job she loves, she didn't need to trot the world, she took some apprenticeships (I'm sure she went back to Garfiel later on) and took care of the patients that sought her services.

I myself being a woman in love, won't mind working my ass off for what I love (not that I love Law much, lol), to get my job done right, but I also want to dedicate myself to the man I love and the family I might eventually have. I'd give my life for my family - siblings, nephwe, parents, boyfriend. I would. Just like I will live for the sake of my children if I evenr have any.

But for now, I do what I do to please myself, not anyone else, not my bf. I don't believe Winry lives for the sole purpose of loving and helping Edward because she is quite self-sufficient, all things considered.

At least I see it that way...

She's a nearly self-taught expert on anatomy, mechanics and engineering. I fail to see how that's not cool, especially seeing that her goal is to restore people, not repairing inanimate objects.

I understand you might not agree with me on this, but that's how I feel about her job and way of life. She goes and does things, her own things, living her own life for her own sake (even if she did fall in love with Ed. He eventually came back to Amestris so they built a family together). She's not SIMPLY waiting, sighing, moping around. She's got her own stuff to do.
Of course, when you're in love, there's this pull towards wanting to please the man you love (men feel that way too, or some of them do ;) ) but she doesn't live solely for his sake. She loves Alphonse as a brother and she would gladly put as much sweat into automail had his limbs been taken. :aww:

The fact that she's usually at her home, well.. it's cause it's her home. Duh. -.-; it just so happens that it's also Ed and Al's place since their mother died and especially since they burnt their house down.
But above everything: her "office" is at her house. It's not just a structure or where she's lived all along, it's also her workshop.
Naturally she'd stay there. Not saying she doesn't wanna go anywhere else - she clearly does - but home is home.

I also remember something about the "bake me an apple pie thing" being another sexist thing...
Well, EdWin fans like me love to associate that to sex. :XD: how mature of us, right?? :D

But seriously, IMHO, try looking at it this way: Alphonse cannot eat. He'd been writing down "things I want to eat when I get my body back"! Apple pie being one of them. :)
Winry learnt how to bake pies because Gracia taught her. The brothers are always on a move and aren't too interested in learning how to cook either way - it's not like they can carry a stove around, considering only Ed eats food and he can pay for restaurants.

Al wanted to eat a slice of apple pie ever since Ed ate a bit of Gracia's pie. Since Ed liked Winry's too, Al desired some as well. Being able to eat is something about having a human body that he misses so badly!

So instead of thinking about the words "bake" as Ed trying to confine Winry to her kitchen, telling her to wait for him/them like a good woman...
He's asking her to keep supporting them, helping them, physically and mentally also.
Much more than that, he wants to assure her that he'll be back with his brother, restored, so Al can finally have that slice of pie he's been craving. Think about what the pie may represent to Alphonse, and think about the depth of their relationships. Symbolically speaking, the pie means humanity to Alphonse. Because only living organisms can process food. Food is meant for supporting and pleasuring flesh.

This is more about completing their goal than a simple apple pie.

I like viewing her as a "supporting character" as you may call it. She might not always be there, but she takes an incredibly important role in the story. She helps keep them focused. She HELPS them in many ways, especially Ed who receives the limbs she builds in order to stand again, fight. He's active, in the spotlight, and she's right there behind them. I see no problem in there. Protagonism is NOT about her because the author did not chose it that way.
(Arakawa has another story with a female lead, actually, and it's quite good.)

I don't have an issue with that, nor do I find it sexist.
Ed only managed to acchieve what he did thanks to her support. Is is sexist? I don't think it is, because sexism is a negative thing, it's discriminatory. Being supportive is not discriminatory or a gender-related trait, there are many male support characters out there.

I view it this way, but I know you think otherwise.
I believe it's because we have different ideas of what sexism is. You seem to relate sexism to stereotypes or typical behaviors related to genders, whereas I view it more like negative discrimination related to a gender, especially the female one, based on biological types..
And you also seem to believe that certain life facts are stereotypes, thus linking them to sexism, when I myself believe it's a biological or physical "issue"...

That difference in opinions will apparently be a conversational barrier, I guess? In terms of discussing the viewpoints on what is sexist or not, at least. Because it will mean we'll forcefully see many things in different ways, not being able to agree upon some of them. This is SO deep. Think about the meaning of the pie!! :giggle:
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, that bit I put about mechanic was in what was said in the Meme.

I do not think there is any discussion about Elrics. What is it with anime fans pairing siblings together. It is disgusting. I really do not get those people. They are siblings Elricest/Uchihacest/Inucest/Sonocest/whatever-cest people!

Yeah and I am the same. But as I said, I find it hard to know when I am offending people.

Well, I do understand that thing about the pie, but it just sounds like another thing.

I think the main reason I do not like crying if because you cry when you are sad, and despite my pessimistic/mostly depressed mindset, I do not like people being sad. I know no-one can to be happy all the time, but I just hate seeing people sad. It pains me so much to see my mother crying at my Great Grandfather’s (her grandfather) grave as she was really close to him. I also know him.

The “healer archetype” also happens in the “Final Fantasy” series. All White Mages, excluding one (Minwu from FFII) are female. FFIV in particular passed me off. Rosa had to be a white mage her mother in order to help Cecil, like her mother did for her husband, instead of actually learning how to defend herself. The same goes for the twins. Porom the female twin, had to be the White Mage and Palom had to be the Black Mage as he was the boy. Rydia is also the only to focus on Black Magic other than her summons, as the Summoners after her (Princess Garnet and Eiko Carol of “Final Fantasy IX” and Yuna of “Final Fantasy X”) focus on White Magic.
I do adore the “Final Fantasy” series, but that just pisses me off, as I find it very sexist.
I think this [link] explains it in more detail.

Well, it does kind of heal flesh, as you are replacing it, but you are tempting me to think otherwise, to be honest.

I know a male and female can be friends, as I have a close male friend (most of my friends are male).

I felt a bit bad that you have written so much in these two comments I have written so little.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
Meme? The rant thing? (i usually call long, passionate posts rants XD)
I didn't read ALL of it just so you know... ^^;

BZZZZAAAAGGGH. I have four siblings and just thinking about incest makes me hurl. -.-;

Right, so work on your sensitivity. I had to myself. :p take time to think about feelings. I know that when you went on about the sexism thing it was probably the last thing you thought of, but oh well. I don't usually think I'll hit someone's nerves when I make an opinion, but sometimes I do. Then i'm like, "whoops, soz!"

Sex and pie, whoop-dee-doo! :D
(...thinking about sex between fictional, animated characters may be creepy, but that's us geeks... XD)

Well, but for some people crying isn't just a symbol of despair, weakness,'s a way of feeling better, oddly enough. It's a way of releasing/relieving tension! Truly it is. And it's hard to explain, since you feel it differently.
How can someone pin feelings on a paper? I'm no poet. :XD:

don't get me into another rant,plz. :p but I do get your point, though I haven't played many FF games.
FFX was my main focus for a long time, (ah, Tidus' blond hair when I was 14/15 was a delightful sight :heart: ) and Yuna was a summoner. But summoners kinda kick butt, and there's also Lulu who's a Black Mage. :p though I always gotten Yuna into both Black and White magic. In fact, I spent so many hours on that game, my main characters were maxed out >.> (Yuna, Tidus and Auron I believe... or Rikku?)

Rikku's outfit was girly and stuff, and I didn't mind - save for the part in Mt. Gagazet where it was FREEZING and they all kept the same damn clothes.
Stupid game-makers overlooking important details. -.-,

What Winry does isn't really White Magic alone... ;D it's kind of both, in a way that she builds stuff. Like the "mechanic"/gadget wizz Rikku!

Automail/prosthetics replaces flesh, can't really get it back, which would be nice :( but you get a super-cool and complex piece of technology instead. :) Instead of recovering something damaged, you put something new back on. Something complicated, complex, and badass.
I mean, automail DOES look badass, even when Ed's not transmuting it into weapons. ;D

I used to have very little female "friends"/companions. As I grew older and started dating I met people whom I identified myself with a bit more, whom I could talk to and have fun with. Be it guy or girl. Now I can truly say I have real friends, 'cause some of them at school aren't really friends. :XD: *too hard to explain*

don't worry. As long as I stubbornly get my point into your stubborn head, even if just a little, I'm fine with typing a lot. :p
(I'm not meaning to be rude, just funny) *fails*
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
BTW, I did not write that. I just found it one time while browsing on the forums.

Well, yes, I have heard of that, that is does help you “get it all out”.

Ah, FFX is one of my favourites. I LOVE Rikku and Tidus (Rikku x Tidus is WAAAAY better than Yuna x Tidus, in my opinion) At least in the Japanese FFX, Yuna said “Thank you” and not the cliché “I love you”, in English. My main party was Rikku in the middle, Tidus on the left and Yuna on the right. I got both Rikku and Yuna to have Black and White Magic, while Tidus had While Magic.
I really do not see we everyone hates on FFX-2 though. Yes, it ws a little unnecessary and I perfer Rikku's FFX looks/outfit, but it was still quite good. the muliple ending thiing was annoying though.

Yeah. The only disadvantage would be the pain the surgery. It would also create a whole new field of medicine.

I have a few very close friends. Some people, such as my brother, laugh at that. But, as they say, “Better a have a few close friends than a hundred acquaintance.” you get to know them so much better.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
Ah! Okay. Someone you agreed with then? So you quoted, as everyone does. :) But I don't agree, so meh. ;D

Yup, releasing pressure, thank kind of stuff. Plus, it's something most people can't control.

Well, Rikku COULD match Tidus a lot better (similar spazzy personalities XD), but I find it cute that he (a major playaaaah) would fall in love for the serious, task-focused Yuna! He wound up changing her a (from what I have read about FFX-II, but I didn't play that one) and she changed him too. I bet he'd never really been in love and he just went and fell for someone. I think it was her fierceness in facing her fate, and her ultimate goal to save people, that made him fall in he started goofing off (just a bit) less. :)

Oh, yes, I heard that the "thank you" is more appropriate in Japanese culture. Because more than telling the person you love him/her, thanking him/her that you're thankful is more appreciative and tactful. Something like that.

I used both Rikku and Auron a lot. Auron's sloooooow -.- but he could take up a lot of damage so I liked having him on the party in the beginning.
My main characters all learnt Black and White Magic XD I never trained Kimahri and I didn't use Lulu and Wakka much (well, Lulu in the beginning was SO useful). I regret not using Wakka more because then I saw online vids of how awesome his overdrives are. -.-;

Yeah, FFX-II's outfits were kind of too revealing ^^;
I saw the different endings. Kind of a nag on one hand. kind of cool on the other. Hmmm.

Recovery pains, wowzer. But we have really good ways of diminishing pains now, though if you're trying to connect nerves I suppose the patient's reaction is important to know how you're progressing.

I completely agree with you. I don't make friends easily. At all. I know some people, but I can hardly call them friends. To me, friends are something special. Someone you share something good with, not just someone whom you talk to or go to classes with.
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I never thought of it to be that bad. The only thing that really pissed me off the Porom and Palom thing.

Yeah, it sounds so much better, and it is more…surprising, if you get what I mean. I just do not seem to like most canon parings, for some reason.

I did not bother with Khimari either XD.

Yeah, Rikku may as well have been naked.

I would be terrified as I have a big fear and hatred of physical pain.

I actually used to friends really easy as a child. I could go up to a completely stranger in one of those foam-play-things and about ten minutes later, I could be happily playing with them as if I had known them my whole life. Oh, how I miss that.
Exactly. None of my friends are in my classes, but I am still very close to them and share a bond of interests and although we do not agree on everything the four of us (Me, my very best friend Matthew, then there is Frazer, then Mr. “Men are better than Women Atheist”, John (whose second name is Connor, no joke) we still are great friends. The things John comes out with are ridiculous. Here is one conversation we had.

John: I have evidence that men are better drivers than women.
Me: And what would that be?
John: There’s no women in racing.
Me: How the hell does that make men better drivers?!
John: ‘Cause, it does.
Me: That’s not a valid reason!
John: And woman can’t park.
Me: Bullshit
*argument goes on until Matthew steps in when it starts to get violent*

And do not get me started on his anti-religious, “God doesn’t exist” arguments.
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NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
As I said to :iconceruleansan:, one of my major flaws is that I find it really hard to detect when I am offending people. It does not make me ‘heartless’, it is just a problem I have, and I have had it all my life.

I did not say that should be labelled as ‘freaks’. I watch many programs about deformity, the latest one being this: [link] and frankly it disgusts me when people are stared at/treated as if they are retarded/treated differently in a bad way simply because they look different.
Why must we look ‘normal’? Why must though who have lost limbs have to hide that fact? It is because it is ’ugly’? It is because it is not pleasing to the eye, Because I do not think it is. Normal, though there is no clear definition is rather boring. There is a man in my flat who has no legs (well he has the very tops of them), but he does not hide that away, he does not try to use prosthetics to look ‘normal’. I am happy that he does, as he is not conforming to what others expect people to look like. Appearance does not matter (unless you are grossly over-weight by your own fault) it is your personality.
If I lost a leg or an arm, I would be devastated (well I would not mind losing a leg, but arm, yes) I would not try to hide it.
Some people would. There was a story on the news a few years ago about a woman who was made to work in the back room of a shop, away from the pubic eye, simply because she had one arm. She did not wear a prosthetic, she did not hide it away, as she did not why. The same goes for the woman on the news report I linked you.
This is why I also think cosmetic surgery is wrong in most cases, such as when woman want a boob job or liposuction, or some rubbish like that. I know I am ugly, but I know it is the look my genes gave me and I need to lie with that. We should all be happy with the look our genes gave us.
The only modification I do is dying my hair, which I find acceptable as it is only a minor things, and I feel lighter hair makes me more happy then the dullness of dark brown eyes and hair. I know some people may not find that dull, but to me, it is.

When I was talking about screaming and crying, I mean what children do if they want something. I did not mean crying because they are sad, I meant fort attention. Well, expect babies as they do not understand, but toddlers or children.

I would get excited over something I felt, to me, was meaningful. I would go all “Winry-autonail-mode” if I passed a really tricky exam, or I was accepted into my desired collage, not over seeing some hunk of metal.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
It's not really a matter of HOW a person looks. More like how a person feels about the way he/she looks ^^;... Feeling incomplete is for some people, very hard. Of course looks are somewhat essential, but I'm not talking about people who go like "hurr I'm purty!"
I'm talking about feeling normal because it's actually a bit of an issue NOT to be. I mean, I feel like people should want to be unique in their own ways, so that they can be judged by their actions. :) Thing is, standing out (negatively) for any factor related to your looks is just...not nice. At all. And by looks I mean any abnormal physical issues - every now and then some kid would find it funny to tease me for my unusual height. God knows why one would consider a six feet tall teenage girl to be abnormal...oh well.
They wouldn't laugh much after I pounded their faces, though. Wonder why.

It's not about looking normal to please the eye. It's deeper than that for some people. -.-; I'm not talking about GOOD looks, I'm talking about looking like a complete human being, that is all.
If your neighbour does not mind, I'm glad for him. :)

Of course you don't critisize people who wear prosthetics to walk again. But you also should not criticize someone for wanting a lost arm. I know I probably would want one! Aside from being at least a little helpful sometimes, for simpler things, it would help reduce the trauma and stress about losing a piece of your body! Think about it. I know I wouldn't want some jacket hanging off me because I miss an arm. It would make me think about that loss much more often. Plus, it's bothersome when people stare, especially if it's out of PITY. But we can't help looking and feeling sorry for them, somtimes...

"If I lost a leg or an arm, I would be devastated (well I would not mind losing a leg, but arm, yes) I would not try to hide it."

I would SO mind losing anything. Even a finger. That drastic a change always leaves some sort of mental scar. And it is not a matter of HIDING, dammit, it's so much deeper than that! You can't grasp it (nor can I) because you haven't been through it (and hopefully will not) but it can be devastating on someone.
And for many, many people, recovery from the shock can pass through "replacing" what was lost, even if it's for plastic and not real, moving flesh.

I'm sorry, I didn't click on the link because I've been having problems loading videos all darned afternoon! :shakefist: I'll try to look.
Have you watched the video about the motivational speaker, a young man with no arms or legs? He was born that way. He's... inspiring. Awesome. You should look, if you haven't watched him already.
Oh, and I saw a story of a woman with no arms, lost in an accident I believe. She learnt how to do everything with her feet!! :o

That's the kind of horrid discrimination that should always be avoided. That crap makes me sick to my stomach. -.-;
That's what I mean about pressures from labor-related terms, finding jobs can be difficult in SO many ways, deformities being one of them. :(

Ditto about cosmetic surgery and genes. I don't get it. -.-; I mean, lipo is SO violent. Who'd do that for a quickie result? Gah. There's non-invasive techniques now, if one wants to "look" healthy. But more than appearing healthy, we HAVE to be healthy.

What color do you dye your hair?
I've highlighted mine a couple of times and I still don't know if I liked it. XD I won't dye mine because, well, I don't mind the color that much (kinda boring, but meh...
Here's me with a highlight, about a year and a half ago. :XD: [link]
And that's about the most I'll do with my hair while I'm young. I know some friends who constantly dye theirs and it ruins it. D: Plus, it's so high-maintenance I can't bother with it. -.-; *is a messy person*
I mean, I haven't been to the hairdresses in months (I'll only go like... twice a year, when forced xD) and the tips of my hair look SCARY. :p

About dying one's hair, it's more of a woman's thing because we LOVE to try on new looks, we love trying something different. Makes us feel refreshed, renewed and more attractive. :)
I don't see many guys who'll dye theirs. Plus, I don't like highlights in most men, it looks... tacky? >.>

Yes, I know what you meant about children throwing tantrums for attention's sake. Usually adults and young adults don't do that because it looks ridiculous...

well, what's more meaningful to you may not be meaningful for someone else - and vice-versa. I also get excited with good grades. Very much indeed. :D
I get excited when I see jewelry I love. Not as excited as when I get an exam done with a good grade, sure. The feeling of fullfillment and self-satisfaction is not the same!
But I get even more excited when I buy it lol ;D (comparing to just LOOKING at it). Don't ask me why, 'cause I was never a preppy girl, but my father cut into me a taste for beautiful (subjective term of course) jewelry. Not my mom, but my DAD. ;) he's all excited when he GIVES us jewelry.
I believe that if he was a woman he'd go apeshit over earrings, rings, necklaces... xD

I donno how to explain it. I was never a girly girl but after I turned about 17 or something I started wearing earrings more often, and watches also. So much that when I leave the house if troubles me when I forget them.^^; the ring my bf gave me, I've been wearing it nonstop a year or so and it's odd when I take it off.
My mother isn't as worried about jewelry but... she's kinda weird... 'cause she sleeps with them. >.> I need to take mine off! (except for the piercings on my ears).

Wow. Two big paragraphs on jewelry -.-;
I also like new cellphones :D but I don't have as many phones as I have earrings -.-; I don't have TONS of earrings, though. I just like them.

I'll go "Winry-automail-mode" on cute fuzzy kittens. :p
I guess I just enjoy other things that make me happy. I don't care if they're futile for someone else or not, what matters is they make me happy.
It's natural for Winry to go hyper about automail because thats her job and she happens to love it! Material objects can mean so much more to people than just stuff you wear 'cause it's nice (like jewelry), it can be someone's sort of... way of life (books, automail, musical instruments, chem sets...the list goes on).

This guy went apeshit over worms. Watch the clip. [link]
(it's not complete)
Basically he was doing a research on the usage of worms to decrease chances of having seizures, if I'm not mistaken. A scientist. But it was an experiment (going on for like 3 years), and he used too many worms and had a complication. He needed surgery. The worms were destroyed during the surgery.
Afterwards, Yang warned him that if he used the worms again he could die. He said he still wanted to do it and that decreasing the ammounts and time would probably not bring as many risks.
She asked him why he would go through that risk again.
And he said it was out of love.
"Because I love what I do...more than anything. You don't find something you love that much and let it go.
You hold on to it,throw yourself in deeper."

Worms might sound odd to you and me. But to this man, doing his own home-made experiences instead of sitting in a lab like he had for years, was what fulfilled him. He didn't settle for bing unhappy, he went after what he loved, what made him happy, even if people would find him weird and obsessed.

Some people may obsess about futile things, true. But we can't judge them if they're happy the way they are.
What's more, some of our greatest minds were seen as weirdos back in their days. Thanks to their "weirdness" and obsessions, medicine and science evolved.
Some people's obsessions are the human world's greates acchievements. You never know what's going to come up from the human mind's obsession. It could be beautiful, it could be useless, it could be epic.

Not everyone has the potential to find out about new things that will bring great changes, but nobody actually really aspires that high.

Rosie's obsession over prosthetics might one day grow into an amazing discovery. Maybe not amazing to you, but for many lives out there who just want to live with as less restraints as possible. :)
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I guess I can understand that, now that I have really though about they. they could feel like something is missing, and having that back would be nice. And I must admit, I think those robotic legs that some people wear look really cool.
Whoever is teasing are properly just jealous, or have something missing in there lives if they feel the need to put you down. I think you are lucky, as I wish I was a bit taller.
I get bullied a lot, and have been for many years, but my mum just told me the second part of the above. Most of the time, it was mostly is was taking the piss out of the fact that I am religious, or that or the typical ‘speccy’, which I just laugh at, as it is such a stupid insult. If someone calls me a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’ I say thank you, as I take that as compliment XD.
The one girl even say to me “I have a bigger chest than you!”. Big deal! I do not care. The same one also called a “stupid, ugly boot (slut)”.

Yes, I have watched on a TV program. I was honestly nearly in tears, as it was that powerful. I felt really low most of the time (I frequently suffer from depression), and that I ma not good enough and I do not have any talents, and things like that really make me think.

I know, and I know I will never understand until I do. But we all do things like this sometimes, even if we do not know what it is like.

It is dyed blonde, but is naturally a mousey brown, which I got from my mother. It is not a fake looking blonde, is it multi-tonal and not very bright, like platinum blonde. It is not too dark either. It is quite hard to explain the colour. It is quite expensive: £60 per visit. MY hair is quite thin, so get greasy/split ends easily, so I need to go every three months or so. MY mum has to go even more, as she dyes her hair darker.
Well, there is one girl in my school who will have orange hair one day, bright pink another, and one time, blue and green hair.
You are so pretty, BTW. Unlike me.
I do not bother with things like make-up. I just put on some lip-gloss and nail polish and that is me. Even that is only for special occasions. I just wear a bit of lip balm most of the time. I just do not understand these woman who sit there in front of the mirror for an hour or more putting on make-up and whatever else, like most of the girls at my school.

I have quite a lot of jewellery that I have had for a while, but I hardly war it.

Well, I do love cute things, and I have a “Winry-automail-mode” reaction when I see a cute baby human or animal. My most recent one was when my mother showed my cousin’s twin girl and boy at only a few hours old, swaddled in a little blanket, lying next to each other. They are about a week old now. My exact words were “Awwww! They’re gorgeous!”

I am quite the opposite. I stopped being girly at about eleven. My interest in fashion vanished, I stopped wearing skirts in Second Year, and I do not were a lot of accessories, as I said above. I do wear earrings a lot though, even if it does take a while to actually get them in XD. I have some truly crazy ones. One is two little Christmas tree, not the flat metal ones, but little fluffy trees XD. I also have two “mis-matched” ones. They both dangly. The first pair have a pink, sparkly fairy on one earring, and a pink, sparkly star on the other. The other pair has a link love heart on and a (rather detailed) black guitar on the other.

Well, I kind of feel sorry for the worms. I also heard that leaches are good for getting rid of dead skin, oh and there is that fish massage thing too.

Yes, I have heard of that woman and the other person.

I will confess Sometimes I do wish automail and the other fully functioning robotic limbs actually did exist. So maybe, sometime in the future, it could be possible.

Phew. That waas long XD.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
somehow starting from the bottom now...just a littl bit!
oh wow. Long comments, I was getting rusty at this. :D *rubs hands*

It would be so good if something like automail existed. For incapacitated people to be able to do their normal things again...
Personally I'd love to have my eyesight to its fullest, but sadly it's still degradating gradually. I have to pray for it to stop before I hit 25, so I can have surgery and not wear glasses anymore. Because sometimes glasses don't quite cut it, and I can't wear lenses anymore because my eyes hurt and my vision gets foggy - I had this problem in my eyes so they don't lubricate as they should.
Plus, my lenses are VERY specific. So it takes weeks before I can have new glasses. This summer, during exam season, my glasses broke and it was sheer HELL. :/ I can't see jack squat without them.

Sometimes, like I told you once before, we don't want to see into things out of stubbornness. ;D I myself am TERRIBLY stubborn and go all kiddy-like and "NO! 'Cause I think it's THIS and not THAT!"... and then when no-one's looking I think about it better and go, "whoops. Guess I could have been more flexible."
There's SOME things that one just needs to think about it from a different angle. Then you're like, "oh, now I understand".

I'm saying this because of the prosthetics thing. :) Glad that you can see it from a different point of view. It's not just about ACCEPTING how you look (especially because some people just can't), it's also a feeling of loss so deep that sometimes only a "replacement", no matter how downgraded, can repair. Not just the inner feeling of loss, but also the fear - fear of being treated differently by others.
Standing out for good things is great, standing out for bad things... not so cool. So yes, it's a matter of COMFORT and IMAGE. Note that the way a person views him/herself is very important for one's self-esteem. Being born one way makes it easier. Losing something you had is awful. :(

And yes, robotic legs DO look cool ;D right? :)

"Whoever is teasing are properly just jealous, or have something missing in there lives if they feel the need to put you down. I think you are lucky, as I wish I was a bit taller. "

Probably just jealous, right? That's what I think. See, some people might be jealous of my height and that's why they tease. I'm sorry for myself that it took me some time to realize it, but then again I always responded in a way that left no margin for doubt: I wouldn't care much. If I ever did, I would hurt them back. Simple. XD and sometimes effective when you're younger... but of course I couldn't just fight anyone. -.-; especially after getting older, so I couldn't "defend" myself all the time.
And, after a while, what I did was ignore or tease/insult back. "Why should I care about what you think? You're retarded anyways. I've got better things to do. And your face looks like you fell off the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down" or the variant "you're dumber than a doorknob".

Simple, cliché, and direct. There.

Ah, bullies... the dumbest people in life. But they can also teach you stuff. You know the song, "ugly" from sugarbabes?
Everyone talks bad about somebody, and never realize how it affects somebody. Envy is the only thing it could be!
It's either envy or the bullies themselves have problems they can't deal with it, so they take it out on someone "weaker". They're the weak ones actually...
They just don't want anyone to find out that they want to make others feel bad just so they can feel good themselves.

I don't think I was ever mocked because of my glasses in high-school, can't remember...but this past summer I went to Dublin (yes! XD) and some guy called me four-eyes. I was really drunk, so I ran after him to hit him. Funny thing is he ran away too :XD: (I was lucky he was short lol)

Thanks. :) I like being tall, but I would still love myself if I were shorter, so don't fuss about it - it's your genes, they make you taller or shorter or...prone to gaining weight or having cellulite. *is shot* I hate being chubby though >.< wish I were skinnier...

That girl's such an idiot she makes me want to laugh. Rofl. :D she's the one being a slut ya know.
I myself have small breasts for my height...and hips! GOD, I have massive hips and a huge butt. :XD: I need to eat less and workout more but because I tend to gain weight easily and College is very time-consuming, I keep I grow larger ^^;

UGH. I hate feeling emo like that. You know what I do? I think, "stop being emo, you silly thing you."
I mean, we're alive. We can walk and talk. We can EAT. We can feel. It's so damn good to be alive. And sometimes we just don't take the time to REMEMBER that! Things that we take for granted are only missed when they're gone. This is so true...
"There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time. The greatest gift they'll get this year is life..."
Know the song? They're lucky to be alive... we feel down for not being able to buy, say, a new pair of shoes (even if it's shoes you need, like for rainy days~).
Makes you think about stuff.

Sad moments in life always come and go. You know, bullies don't just exist in schools; real life, work life, has them too. ya gotta move around it. Try not to care. It's not easy and won't always work but keeps trying! :hug:
We just can't think about ONE bad thing too hard and ignore the good stuff around us. Though it is part of the human nature, to let negativity take over.
Talents huh? I suck at that. @_@ my talents are HUGE capacity to rant and argue (more talking than typing really) and being good at english. So not really talents per se. ^^;

I went to tears when I saw that guy. Really awesome. <3

OWWCH, EXPENSIVE HAIR. @_@ But hey, if it looks good and natural and if it makes you feel good, then money well-spent I say. :D
I've got horrid split-ends. -.-; I never go to the hairdresser anyway so... ^^; plus my hair's not quite stable, sometimes it's a bit flat and sometimes it's wavy. Go figure.

hahaha, she's crazy and ruining her hair!! Crazy :XD: a friend of mine from college had to cut hers really short, because painting it so many times ruined it and she couldn't get back to her original color...another girl had really blond hair (it was originally brown, like mine or darker). Then she decided she wanted to be a brunette again and have healthier hair, so she stopped painting it.
picture a really skinny girl walking around with shoulder-long hair in two colors. The top half was brown and the bottom hald was blond. :XD:

Eh, I'm not THAT pretty. But thanks. :blush: I'm just in a really good angle and have some make-up on ;D I love make-up :heart: I used to think it was dumb, but now I realized that SUBTLE ammounts of make-up make a difference. Some women you see on TV and are jealous of don't actually LOOK as pretty as in the photos!
Look at my trollface: [link]
:D herp a derp! :XD:

Here's a girl I know. LOOK at the difference!
With make-up: [link]
Without make-up: [link]

Sometimes beauty depends on the angle, light and makeup. :)

I canNOT, for my health, spend half an hour putting on makeup. Just a few quick minutes, even if it's to go out at night during weekends.
My lips are too think for lipgloss or strong colors, but I wear balm sometimes, like Labello's pink or red ones (but I can't use the red too much). Though usually it's transparent balm for every day.
There's days when my skin looks pale and spotty, so I pick up a puffy brush and apply some powder on.
brush: [link]
powder (matching the color of my skin): [link]
(body shop stuff, I love it).
Before the powder, hydratant cream!!
Sometimes I might want to highlight my cheeks ;)
- shimmery - to go out at night - [link]
- normal - regular cute blush for the day, wonderful for one's cheekbones - [link]
(this one kinda shimmers but it's only a little! plus it smells of roses, it's brilliant)

One of my BEST friends, Khôl and contour Ultra Black from Bourjois, my "eye pencil" - [link]
Makes your eyes look SO different and bigger, which is great for someone who wears glasses like me. Also, different ways to use it, so you get different effects :D

Lastly, sometimes I apply colors. Best way to make your eyes stand out? Use something close to white/grey but SHIMMERY just on your eyelid. Oh yes. So cool.

Trust me, I was NOT into painting myself but sometimes it's just... entertaining, fun, and the final result can be great. :D I don't usually wear much mascara, but BOURJOIS has great ones and when used properly it looks great.

Just a little bit of make-up is not cheating. :p I usually just jab on some khol and hit it. :)

My nails...are usually a disgrace. I forget to paint them, I break them... ^^; (at least I don't chew them, eww)

Haha, going all spazzy about babies is the BEST thing ever. XD when you have your own the feeling will be even better! :) (that's what my sis says).
They're naturally cute and cuddly (the eyes and heads aren't proportional, making them look more adorable) as a defense mechanism, you know? :D To make their own species love them more for being so frail and defenseless. Basically all mammals have that "instinct".:la:

Haha, I only started paying more attention at about 16,so now saldy I can't turn yummy food away like some girls do and I just hog it down. :p
My favorit accessories are the earrings, but I love my ring so much. Something along the lines of this [link]
But without the doll and a little heart-shaped...hard to describe, meh.
I have earring like this, they're kinda traditional: [link]
( google " prata filigrana coração ")

Ooh, a guitar earring. gotta get one of those :D I usually go for silver now, more durable and less allergy-prone. I have plenty of stuff from STONE (BY STONE). :) they have awesome silver+stones stuff.
I used to have fluffy earrings, small ones, that glow when blue light hits them! :XD:
All of my piercings are mismatched. :p I have six extra "holes" in each ear :giggle:
Cute, small stone earrings: [link]
(donno if you can see these online...)

I have some small ones, but since my neck is long and I have long hair I'll go for long earrings. :aww: (long long long!)

Bracelets I wear sometimes, but they bother me when writing and walking so they annoy me a bit, especially the big, havy ones. -.-;

FISH massage? O_o *starts thinking* I know there's a sort of fish therapy where you get into sort of a jacuzzi and the fish clean the dead skin off. Is that it? ;D

.....was mine longer? 8D
Oh, and lastly, don't forget:

NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I do not really mind my eyesight. It would seem your sight problems are quite similar to mine. I cannot wear contacts as I often get conjunctivitis infections. I also require my glasses all the time, like you. When one of my friends put on my glasses, he was like, “Wow, there are strong! I can’t see a thing.” I just snatched them back, saying, “That’s because they are made for me, idiot. My school is specially adapted for VI/Blind pupils and even has a ‘VI Unit’, assistants for classes and specialised equipment.
I cannot get surgery as I do not have ‘the right kind’ of sight problem. I was born blind, but at only about three weeks old (I was born fourteen weeks premature) in which my eyeballs were cut open to allow a laser to access the back of them, top stop that orange jelly-stuff in my eyes from growing over my eyeballs, leaving me prominently blind. My eye were stitched back together and my mum really noticed a difference, as she that before that I “started into space” and after that she could “really see her (me) focusing on things”. I even ended up in the newspaper, as I was the first baby in the west of Scotland to receive Laser-Eye Treatment.
Do you have any special equipment other than your glasses? I have a Guide Cane, a magnifier and various other neat things, such as a ‘surface detector’ which you clip onto a glass of cup and when the liquid you are pouring reaches it, and it starts to beep, indicating you must stop.

Well many people, mainly teenage girls (I am not being sexist towards myself) can be stubborn bitches. I am quite stubborn too, as you saw.

I think my bullying is what made me have so little confidence. The boys were wimps anyway, as when I went to kick them they would leg it. I do not even know the names of most of the bullies. I really worry about what others think of me, even if they are complete strangers.
I did try ignoring them, but it is incredibly hard when they are like twice the size of me and trying to trip me up/punch me.
An you are similar to me. I believe my only talents are writing, playing computer games and arguing.

You may be envious of me then. I can eat as much as I want and not put on weight. That has a disadvantage that I struggle to put enough to weight to be in the normal range for my height. I have been like this my whole life and need to be on a high-calorie diet, which drink that have extra calories and things like that. Putting on weight is just as much hassle as trying to lose it. I had a freaking tube until I was about ten. AS you wish to be a bit thinner, I wish I was not so skinny. Mind you, I hate when woman are like “I’m fat!” when they are not.
Well that girl was a bit silly was she not? I thnk the girl with the half and half would look quite cool, though.

Well, to me, that girl looks nice with or without make-up. They all look like good pieces for make-up, but I just do not have time for it. I mostly borrow my mum’s :XD:. Are they quite expensive?

Yeah, or any little baby animal. They just look at you with “Love me!” eyes. I always get scared when holding a baby as I get frightened I may drop them, and I did that to my little cousin once (luckily her mother was their and caught her and she was fast asleep). Now every time I hold a baby, my mum does “Don’t ‘do a Morgan’, Jade”. BTW, none of my aunts/uncles/cousins/second cousins are blood related, I just have known them for so long that I consider them as such. Is that strange?

Oh, they are pretty. I would not mind owning a pair of them. My mum has two piercings in her lobe and one in her upper ear and my brother has one in the lope and the upper ear (it bleeds it you knock it). My out outs tri-colours into the holes (tri-colour is another name for Republic of Ireland flag). some girls at my have stomach, lip or tongue, but I think they are quite unhygienic. Other girls have said I would suit a stomach piercing as I have an ‘innie’, but since my stomach is not on show very much, it further shows me how pointless it is.

Yeah, those things.

Hahaha ^_^.
Nefertekas Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2011
Whoah! Your eye problem's worst than mine. i'm sorry. Though it's good that the doctores managed to save part of your eyesight.
I just can't see a thing without glasses unless they're right under my nose. ^^; but with glasses I can see almost perfectly up to a distance. Not much though, because my eyesight keeps getting worst every year. =.=
The surface detector sounds neat! :D

I try not to, but sometimes I can't hel worrying about what others may think. A sequel of being picked on or laughed about for being tall. But I'm not always worried. :D

argh. >.< I wouldn't like to be TOO skinny either, but I wish I was a bit like you, so I wouldn't put on weight so easily...
and trust me, when I complain, I complain with a cause! :XD:

She's much prettier with the make-up, trust me, one hell of a difference. ;)
errrrrm. Yes, some are a bit expensive ^^; Body Shop has expensive products but they're good.
Brush is like 15 or 20€, same for the blushes, though the plain powder is about 14€.
The khol, though, isn't too expensive. Here in Portugal it's like 6,5€. And it's cool to wear, though I don't think you could with your problems. Ask a doctor. If you CAN wear khol, make sure you also get good eye make-up remover (again, BOURJOIS).

Funny! When I was younger I nearly dropped a baby cousin, but her mom caught her! :XD: what a coincidence :)
It's perfectly normal, I also have some uncles and aunts(and cousins) that aren't blood related. :)

I love those earrings. *3*
I have three in my right lobe (4 with the "original" earring) and two in my left lobe (3 with the "original" earring) plus one at the top of my left ear. :3
My sis also has like 3 extra holes. XD

Neh, I don't care for tongue or bellybutton ones, they're a tad dangerous. If I didn't have glases I'd get one on my eyebrow. XD
NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, it is ok. I am used to it. I am terrified of going blind though, as without my site, I would not be able to do all the things I love.

Oh, you are Portuguese? Cool! You are lucky to live in such a hot country.
Those do seem expensive, still if you want to look/feel good, then it is worth it.

Ah, it is funny when things like that happen between two people, if you get what I mean.

That is allot. It would be for me, as I only one on each ear XD. As for the eyebrow, one word: ouch!
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NaokoElric2250 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
You have got it completely wrong, :iconnefertekas:. I did not say that men are allowed to write sexist things, I said I would expect a man to write a series as sexist as FMA, Naruto, and a little in regards to Bleach.

You are all picking on me and contradicting my views, even though I have stated I am not the only one who has this view and I am only one person, and yet so many people are focused on defeating my, saying and I am wrong. How fair is that? For all of you to be picking one person? Internet or not?
I have said that yes, you can have a different view, but you must also understand mine. I am trying to understand yours, but with all of you leaping onto me to insult me and my views in some way or anything, it is rather hard.
I wanted to have a intelligent debate, but instead I have people insulting me, completely and utter disagree with me, calling it “horseshit”, laughing at it, and disregarding my views instead of trying to understand and see where I am coming from.

I am not childish, no-where near it. I do not take tantrums, I do not think screaming and crying will get me what I want, and I do not act like a child. Lastly, do not call me a child, I am seventeen and stopped being called at child at about thirteen.

You saying I am “over-thinking” (which is not even an proper expression) is just your way of covering the fact that you do not understand.

And just as I disregard your rudely-stated views, you disregard my views, which I have stated in a the most polite way I can. Again, I am one person and it most unfair that you are all disregarding my view, instead of just accepting and trying to see where I am coming from, as I stated above.

Just a note, I am poor-sighted too and I need both reading and distance glasses, so do not assume things when you do not know all the details.
CeruleanSan Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
:/ No one is obliged to change their views or lifestyle for you to fit into your mold of a "strong female". Strong females don't fly off the handle and laugh at others when others disagree with them. Strong females don't backbite, bully, and gossip about others. Strong females don't have two faces. Those are actyally the most horrible, stereotypically "woman" traits one can have.

You can't begin to accept the fact that you insult others every other breath, and yet you expect people to accept your offensive opinions without reason. Your logic. I do not understand.

I really, really don't understand you people.
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